About us

Zhou Ji is the largest company in China for new luxury goods recycling and sales. It is also the pioneer of the platform of O2 O+B2C!

Weekly Records is a comprehensive platform for luxury recycling, luxury sales, online shopping malls and luxury value-added services.

The main mode is that users publish new luxury goods to be transferred free of charge on the platform of Weekly Records. After appraisal and evaluation by Weekly Records appraisal team, they are transported to off-line stores for low-price sale online, providing guaranteed transactions and off-line follow-up services, so as to truly realize the luxury goods transactions that can be safely transacted online and off-line.

Solve at one stroke:

1. Asymmetric Information of Luxury Transfer

2. Luxury goods transfer is difficult because of low price.

3. No trust, no respect

4. Time-consuming, Local Limit

5. Bad selling experience.

Five Pain Points for Luxury Users!

Zhou Ji was founded in October 2012. The main members of the team are from luxury goods and luxury e-commerce industry. They have more than 5 years of experience in luxury goods industry. They have rich experience in luxury online sales, identification, nursing and maintenance, and luxury stores joining chains. Weekly Luxury Sales Platform covers luxury bags, leather goods, watches, artworks, etc. It can really improve the revenue of the sellers, reduce the cost of purchase, and quickly transfer luxury one-stop experience.